Since 1996, Planet Earth Projects has provided clients with business software to address distribution requirements.


If your company manufactures products, or manages contracted manufacturers to produce salable goods.

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Business Technology for the Real World

Are you tired of working with technical consultants who just don’t speak your language? You try to discuss your top business challenges, but they pepper you with buzz words and IT jargon. The conversation sounds like science fiction.

Bring your IT strategy back to the real world with Planet Earth Projects, Inc. We’re experienced. We’re grounded. We know how to help businesses at the top of the supply chain compete more profitably.

Our mission is to help midsized manufacturers and distributors achieve business goals with a clear understanding of operations and finances. Planet Earth Projects can save your company time and money with software solutions and services that enable you to:

– Automate key processes being done manually, or by spreadsheets
– Reduce inventory stocking levels without running out of key items
– Understand and manage your inventory costs and bills of material
– Use integration to connect your business systems for effective operations